UEFA Champion League 2021 Guessing

From quarter-final to final, we will select some matches to let user to bet which team(s) will enter next stage, winners will get all assets in pool by their voting proportion.

Initial pool asset

  1. In quarter-final, we will inject 250000 VOTEIT for each.
  2. In semi-final, we will inject 500000 VOTEIT for each
  3. In Final, we will inject 1000000 VOTEIT.

Which team is winner?

  1. In quarter-final, who enter semi-final, who is winner;
  2. In semi-final, who enter final,who is winner
  3. In Final, champion is winner.


for each single bet, total rewards = initial pool asset + total votes.

  1. supposing there are two teams: A, B. initial pool asset is 5000 VOTEIT.
  2. Team A received 1000 VOTEIT, Team B received 2000 VOTEIT.
  3. you voted team A 500 VOTEIT, and Team A is winner.
  4. total rewards = 5000 + 1000 + 2000 = 8000
  5. your rewards = 500/1000 * total rewards = 4000 VOTEIT
  6. if Team B is winner, you get nothing.
  7. Deadline for vote

  • Final: Right before start of match.
  • Quater-Final and Semi-Final: Right before start of second match.

this is controlled by smart contract. that means, No one can vote when time past deadline.


  • you cannot withdraw once you vote it.