1. what is VOTEIT?

VOTEIT is token issued on TRON network, it is used to vote great person/country/city around the world, meanwhile, voters and creators can get VOTEIT as rewards.

2. is it safe to vote on voteit.top ?

All voting trasactions are handled by Tronlink, we needn’t your private key. your any operation will trigger Tronlink to popup a window for you to sign. so it is as safe as Tronlink.

3. how about bandwidth/energe cost for standard operations like airdrop/vote?

they are ‘free’. since our contract are running on dappchain,and it was deployed to cover 100% energy. we have reserved sufficient energy(~3700000000). and you have free 5000 bandwidth every day. for airdrop/vote, it will cost you several hundred bandwidth, contract will cover all energy cost. you can find a sample transaction here.

4. why should I get airdrop again?

usually, you are active in mainchain, but not in dappchain. they are like your two different wallets. we only support on dappchain,since mainchain is too costly.you can only claim airdrop once.

5 how to get reward?

there are two kinds of reward per block.

  1. ONLY after you vote, you can get reward 4VOTEIT/block or ~115200VOTEIT/day depending on your percentage of votes.
  2. ONLY after you created entry. you can get reward 4VOTEIT/block or ~115200VOTEIT/day depending on your percentage of received votes(excluding your own)

    6 should I claim reward frequently?

    YES. but with an asumption:total votes keep increasing…

for example: you voted 100, and total vote is 1000. then your percentage is 10. your estimated rewards is 10% of vote rewards. but the reward will be settled only when you claim it or vote changes. at that time:

  1. if total vote increase to 2000, then you can only get 5 percent of rewards of that period.
  2. conversely, if total vote decreses to 500, then you can get 20% of rewards of that period.

    7 how to exchange VOTEIT?

    From 1st,FEB 2021, VOTEIT is exchangable ONLY on VOTEIT.top based on smart contract. you can only exchange VOTEIT to TRX, all prices on the page is based on TRX.e.g: 0.0001 means 0.0001TRX. you can buy/sell VOTEIT with specified price, smart contract will try to match your order. if your order cannot fully matched, it will create a new order.let me show a example: supposing there are two buy orders:

  3. BUY 100 VOTEIT with price:0.0001.
  4. BUY 100 VOTEIT with price:0.0002. now, you want to sell 200 VOTEIT with price 0.00015. the result will be: dealed: 100 VOTEIT with price:0.0002 then new sell order created with price:0.00015 and amount:100.

    8 sign in rewards

    consecutive signin can get more rewards,rewards are different from day 1 to day 15:[5,10,15,20,25,30,50,10,15,20,25,30,35,60,100] If the time interval between two signins is greater than 12 hours and less than 48 hours, these logins are considered consecutive.otherwise reset as first signin. Due to technical limitation, you have to click ‘signin rewards’ and trigger smart contract via Tronlink to indicate your signin.