Pet system is online on 16/03/2021.

what can you do?

  • you can pick a pet(random), or you can buy pet from market.
  • you can feed your pet to increase its power.
  • you can buy gem from market, then bind gem to your pet to increase power quickly.
  • powered pet can farm VOTEIT.


    so far, there are 125 kinds of pet in the pool. but you can only pick them randomly. it is good luck for you to pick your loved one, if not ,you can sell it in market. then buy your loved pet from market. The first pet costs 10 VOTEIT. Starting with the second pet, you’ll have to spend twice as much as the previous one. Every pet is born equally with power:0


    Picked pets will be ranked by power.


    in market ,you can buy Gem or Pet. generally, more power more pricious.


    Once a new pet is picked, pet system will check past blockhash to determine if there is luckness to generate Gem: Saphore,Ruby, Diamond. they own 16,256,4096 powers respectively. you can only buy gem from market.

    Feed pet

    You dont have to feed you pet, since they are not normal pet :). but if you feed them, they can increase power by 1 every 12 hours, and cost your 5VOTEIT.

    Bind Gem to Pet

    You can bind you gem to your pet, then your pet will own the power of gem. Note:when your pet is bought, that will includes all binded gems.

    your pets can FARM

    Your powered pets can farm VOTEIT. the rewards are dynamicly starting from 2VOTEIT/block. your rewards will depending on total powers of your pets. so, feeding your pet and binding gem to pet are worth to do